Protector Of The Planet

Planet "FG-327" on which sits a research station, is soon overrun by parasitic creatures that destroy all life. A robotic cleaner is sent to neutralize these creatures. Since the robot is not a living being, the parasites can't harm it. To eliminate the parasites the robot sets the "magnetic traps," which attract and paralyze them. However, while moving blocks the robot can be trapped by the parasites and eventually terminate. Parasites can join with others to form chains, and the robot can use super mode to sawed one unit (the number of inclusions is not more than 10 as it requires a lot of energy). On some deep levels the robot deploys radial shield. Parasites reproduce by laying cocoons, so do not hesitate to snuff them out before thgey completely take over. Your task is to control the robot, and rid areas of the planet of parasites.



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